W.E.ROCK Western U.S. Nationals : Globe, AZ
Presented by Trail Gear, Precision Gear, and Alloy USA

March 31, 2007
Story by Chris Geiger
Photos by Chris Geiger and Houp Photography


PRO MOD Winner Jeff Mellow

MOD STOCK Winner Troy Bailey

FORMULA TOY WInner Matt Messer


Trail-Gear's Matt Messer (left) and spotter Craig Thompson lead the pack on day one and continued to lead the pack finishing first in the Formula Toy Class.

Team Trail-Gear (below) for 2007. Matt Messer, Hobbie Smith and Tim Florian

Team Slow Speed does a full roll and lands perfectly back on it's wheels. Too bad the truck landed out of bounds or they would have continued hammering at the rocks. Power Steering issues continue to haunt  the team. On Saturday they changed out the steering pump yet again.
Scott from Rockstomper.com (above and right) apparently had a safety issue with his rig that required a fast exit. As he came out of the truck he gashed his foot. Fortunately  Maxxis stocks Band-Aids for any trail fix!
Temperatures rose in to the 80's but there were plenty of refreshments on hand to keep cool. Sno-cones, hamburgers, hot dogs, Taco and other items kept the crowds well fed and comfortable.