W.E.ROCK U.S. Nationals
U.S. Nationals ,
Written by Andy Johnson
Photos by Andy Johnson and England Photography
Coverage brought to you by Torchmate CNC Cutting Systems .




The trophy that everyone will be shooting for:


The drivers meeting is done, the LIVE radio feed is running! This should be a great weekend.


All the teams have been introduced and we should be set to rock here in just a few minutes.


Buzz Bronsema is the first up on B1

Todd McCullen jumped right up the climb on B3

Bill Kunz is running on B2.

Brad Styles is watching as Alan Rich is stacking some rocks on A4.

Nicole Johnson is getting strapped in and ready to go on B4.

The Wild Nut Express is creeping along on A2.




Brad Styles just finished up A4.

Carl Shortridge just had the Crain of Shame pull them off A2.

Weston Blackie is working his tiger stripped rig up the climb on B3.

Nicole Johnson just shot up the big climb on B4 like nothing!

Kenny Blume is now seeing what he can do on B1.


Weston Blackie is giving the B3 climb heck but he just can't seem to make it. With tons of throttle he finally clawed his way to the top.

Alan Woodson is working his Unlimited rig around A2.

Ken Blume made it across the razor back on B1 and finished the course.

Jake Gochenour just rolled over has back down the last drop on A4.

Becca Webster is backing their way through gate 1 on B4.

UPDATE 11:00

Rusty Bray is making his spotter do some work as he is working to make the climb on B2.

Brad Lovell is up on B4. They are backing into gate 1 as well.

Matt Messer just pulled out the exit on A2.

Tom Campbell is now up on A4.

Dave Cole is now up and running on B1.

Brad Lovell just spanked the climb on B4.

UPDATE 11:15

Bill Kunz of Torchmate just shot up the climb on B3 like it wasn't even there.

Jason Paule and Tracy Jordan are over on A2 seeing if they can kick Brad Styles and Jessie Haines out of the top spot.

Troy Bailey is now up on B4.

Brent Bradshaw is now up to take his turn on A4.

Bill Kunz and Mike Shaffer were doing good on B3 until they got high centered.

UPDATE 11:30

Dean Bulloch just shot up climb on B3.

Brian Milsap is taking his turn on A2. He has some smoke coming from under the hood but it looks like it is just some fluid burning off.

Brian Errea is getting lined up on B4.

Buzz Bronsema is bouncing off the rev limiter on B2.

Brent Bradshaw just finished up A4 with a 4.

Shannon Campbell and Lance Clifford are now up on A4.

Shannon is really having to work. The rig just doesn't seem to want to go where Lance and Shannon want it to go.

Rusty Bray just flopped it on B3. Rusty jumped out of the rig and him and Josh were able to get it back on the wheels and going again.

Shannon and Lance had to call for the crain to pull them off A4.


Nick Campbell is hitting the wall on B2 hard. It took 3 or 4 shots but Nick hit it hard enough to get up over the top.

Derek West has his rig positioned to get going on B4.

Brad is up on B1.

Nick and Jason just pulled out of B2. They are the first to finish it.

Todd Young just timed out on A4 and is pulling back out the entrance.

Brian Milsap rolled over on A3.

Derek West just made a major save on B4. He put it on it's side but stayed in it and putt back on all 4.

UPDATE 12:30

After a 20 minute break we are back to crawling.

Jessie Haines is starting out on A4.

Gavin Lewis is up the big climb on B3 and is setup for the next climb.

Cody Waggoner is lined up for his turn on A3.

Jake and Vince Gochenour are up on the big rock on A2.

Dave Cole is getting ready to see if he can get his rig up the big climb on B2.

Jessie just finished up A4 with out a problem.

UPDATE 12:45

Buzz is trying to crawl the big climb on B3. That did work so well so buzz backed up a little bit and rolled right through it.

The crain is coming out to pull Dave Cole off of B2.

Lou Levy has his Bronco lined up to take on B4.

Alan Woodson is set to go on A4.

Brad Styles is working his way around A3.

Troy Bailey sucking some seat cushion as he works his rig across the razor back on B1.


Ken Blume is up and running on B3.

Lou Levy timed out on B4 and went back out the entrance.

Nicole Johnson just wound up that little EcoTech motor and shot up the big climb on B2.

Ken Blume just walked through B3 like it was nothing.

Tom Campbell is fighting his way up the big rock on A2.

It looks like Lance and Shannon got the rig back on course because they just pulled through the exit gate over on A1.

Mike Klensin is backed into B4 and working his way around the first gate.

Wow I don't think Nick Campbell even used much throttle on B3 because he was done before I even saw him start.


Becca was able to get up the hill on B2, but when she tried to make the hard right turn she broke a front axle.

Mike Klensin tried his best on B4 but he just couldn't get the rig to make the big climb.

Todd McCullen just finished up B1.

Tom Campbell is fighting his way through A3.

Team Torchmate is getting lined up on B4.



Bill Kunz just flew up the climb on B4 like it was nothing.

Jason Paule and Tracy Jordan just worked their unlimited rig around A4.

Brad Lovell is working the rig around B2.

Nicole Johnson is giving the climb on B3 hell but hasn't been able to find the right line to get her rig up.

Brad Lovell just did a front flip off the drop on B2.

Dean Bulloch just rolled over on B4. He is his side going forward and backwards doing everything he can to get the rig back on all 4.

Shannon and Lance are working their way around A2.


Some scores:

Rusty Bray is digging some nice holes over on B4.

Cody Waggoner and his dad Jim Waggoner just spent a good 2 minutes stacking rocks on A4. The work paid off because they were able to shoot right up the climb and finished the course.

Matt Messer rolled off the backside on A1, but they were able to get it righted and are working their way around the rest of the course.

Brian Errea is ready to go on B2

Rusty just shot up the climb on B4.


Buzz just launched up the climb on B4 with ease. Seems like guys are either shooting right up it or the climb is spanking them.

Becca got the front axle fixed and just sent the judge running as she saved a roll on B3.

Ken Blume is now set to take on B4.


All the Unlimited guys are finished up for the day. We just have few ProMod guys left.

Rusty Bray just worked across the razor back on B1.

Nick Cambpell and Jason Berger are backing their way into B4.

Lou Levy is started on B3.


Nick Campbell seemed to miss a shift and nearly rolled over on B4. He saved, but man was he close to losing it!!

Dave Cole now gets to follow up Nicks little show. Dave might just try the bonus line that nobody has tried today!

Lou Levy is still working his way around on B2.


Gaven Lewis just took a MAJOR tumble off of B1!! He tried to right the rig after a flop, but he ended up rolling all the way down the hill!

Dave Cole wasn't able to make the bonus line on B4 or the big climb. He tried to criss cross the cones on the top of the line but he wasn't comfortable with it and back off.

We have one more rig left to run on B1.


Final scores for the day: