W.E. Rock East - Hannibal, MO
Eastern U.S. Nationals Event #1, April 26-27, 2008
Story and Photos by Andy Johnson




After an EARLY 4:30am (only an hour late) wake up call I arrived at the airport with only minutes to catch my flight. I came up the stairs to the ticket counter only to be slapped in the face with an hour plus wait to check my bag. I didn't have time to wait for that so off to security I go tossing my gel, shaving cream and toothpaste on the way. Luckily, I was able to breeze through security and was on the plane and off to St. Louis before I could even get half my coffee down.

Eight hours later I was in St Louis and heading out on my 3 hour drive to Hannibal, MO. Who ever said Washington has bad traffic needs to come to St Louis!! Either I hit a really bad day or traffic on I70 sucks. After a good hour and a half of stop and go traffic I finally made the turnoff for 61 that would take me the last 100 or so miles to Hannibal. Thankfully, 61 was going smooth or was going smooth until I hit a monstrous thunderstorm. Thunder, lighting and rain was coming down like no other. I could hardly see 20 feet in front of me. The only thing missing was the tornado warning!

Tech was nearly complete as I pulled into the Hannibal Inn and I could tell I wasn't the only one that had been hit by the squall. Tarps were being laid out trying to keep seats dry and Rich and the rest of the competitors were doing what they could to stay warm as they finished up tech.

I really hope this isn't a sign of the weekend to come, because if it is, all the competitors could be faced with a long wet weekend!



Welcome to Hannibal. The clouds have cleared up and the sun has been nice enough to greet us this morning. The drivers and judges have all received their instructions for the day and we should be getting ready to go here in about 1/2 hour. Little Rich and the guys here at Hannibal Rocks have set up some very good looking courses. Tomorrows shoot out course looks flipping INSANE!! I am going to see what I can do, but right now my cell service just isn't good enough to give you the streaming audio :(




Just a quick rundown of today's running order::

Stock Mod

C1 - 1. Jon Terhune 2. Paul Hornung 3. Jake Tennis

C2 - 1. Ricky Artes 2. Kurt Shramovich 3. Kelly Young

C3 - 1. Bill Durham 2. Bob Jara 3. Jake Good 4. Kyle Bruso


C4 - 1. James Scheidhaver2. Wes Harper 3. John Scheidhaver

Pro Mod

B1- 1. Mike Greenwalt 2. Mike Thompson 3. Lou Levy 4. Gavin Lewis

B2 - 1. Rusty Bray 2. Jesse Haines 3. Alan Rich 4. Danny Rohrer

B3- 1. Ken Blume 2. Nick Campbell 3. Mike Cole 4. Derek West

B4- 1. Bunny Rose 2. Chris May 3. Drew Goldie 4. AJ Condon 5. Grady Ingram


A1- 1. Darren Casada 2. Brad Styles 3. Jason Gochenour

A2- 1. Alan Woodson 2. Carl Shortridge 3. Btian Millsap

A3- 1. Bill Barton 2. Matt Deas 3. John Boring

A4- 1. Tom Campbell 2. Wayne Kidder 3. George Negron

UPDATE 10:10

We are off and running and it looks like the rain yesterday has really made some of these climbs even more difficult.

Bill Barton just rolled it over on A3 and his spotter was able to roll him back over.

On B4 Bunny Rose just did a nice nose stand. Who knows how she was able to keep it on all fours.

Bill Barton just put it over again!! This time it took him and his spotter to get it back over.

UPDATE 10:25

B3 looks to be the gimmy of the day because all three guys so far have walked right through it.

Matt Deas just put his beautiful rig on his side as he did the turn at the top of A3. As he gassed it walk it around he ended up rolling it down the hill!!

Jesse Haines is over on B2 seeing if his old Flatty trail rig can keep up with the ultra slick Pro Mod rigs.


Drew Goldie is working his right hand drive Pro Mod rig on B4. He has made it down the drop and working his way around a cone.

Alan Woodson just rolled his rig on A3. In an amazing effort him and his spotter just pushed the rig off the cliff and through the gate.

Bill Durham is down on C4 fighting his way through the big boulders on C4

Gavin Lewis just squeezed their rig through B1.

Oh my Alan Woodson is putting the smack down on what used to be a beautiful buggy by rolling it AGAIN on A3.

UPDATE 10:50

Looks like B3 just tired of getting spanked and decided to take it on Jesse Haines. He just blew the ears off the axle on his passenger axle on B3. He didn't give up though and kept hammering down, but couldn't make it up the muddy wall.

AJ Condon of Bottoms Up Rock Racing is really working it on B4 trying to avoid the lower cone.

Jon Terhune is over on C2 crawling their Stock Mod rig through the course. With only 15 seconds to go they put the hammer down and launched between the exit gate.

UPDATE 11:00

I think I just heard AJ Condon spit something out of his Maxxis sponsored rig. Not sure if it was an rear axle or something else, but it's not looking good because he is stopped on the hill.

Carl Shortridge is pretty twisted pretty close to the banner on A3 and is having a little talk with the Judge.

Over on B1 Bunny and Eugene are working their way around the ultra technical course.


Over on B1 Bunny just had her tire ripped off!! She didn't give up though!! With only a few feet to go she did what she could to limp her 3 legged rig to the exit gates. It was a great effort but she just couldn't get the rear out of a nasty wedge.\

The Stock Mods are having a heck of a time on C3 and I am not sure I seen any of them make it.

Grady Ingram just made a perfect line off B4 and was the first to avoid the first cone on B1. All he has left to do is make it up the wall that just claimed AJ's rear drive shaft.


As bunny was fighting her way through another bang rang out as a front drivline of Darren Casada let loose on A2


Durham Racing just stopped by to let me know they lost a power steering pump on C3 and are out for the day, but will be back to kick some butt tomorrow.

Mike Thompson has lined himself for the bonus line on B3. In a new move for the day he pulled out the winch line and it looks like he is going to winch up over the bonus line. It doesn't like it worked out for them because they just hit and cone pointed out.

As the day goes teams are starting to use different strategy Trying to avoid the tough set of first cones on B4 Ken Blume is backing down into the bowl. It looks like it paid off because he seems to have the cleanest line into the second set of cones yet.

B2 just pitched Gavin Lewis's rig into a nice hole which took 8 people to get it pushed back over.

Well I guess it wasn't that clean of a line because Ken just put the wheels up to the sky!!



George Negron just made a nice run on course A1

Matt Deas finished up on A4 getting a little revenge after his nasty roll on A3

Danny Rohrer just went through B3 with a nice blip of the throttle in his new rig. It really seems to be working good for them.

Nick Campbell is now backing down in to B4. Is his run going to end the same way was Ken Blume?

The Stock Mods are still getting eating up on C3. I don't think any of them have made it up to the second set of cones!


With a great display of throttle and grace Nick Campbell just made it through B4 with only seconds to spare. I believe his score was a 23.

Tom Campbell is really crossed up on the hill climb on A3. He is sideways with trees blocking his front tires and back tires.

Carl Shortridge is line up to try his hand at A4.

The Stock Mod rig of Jon Terhune is perched on his belly working his way up C3.


Daren Casada was able to get the front driveline fixed up only to roll it over on A3.

Mike Cole just timed out on B4. He was was so close with only the final climb and drop to go. \

Jake Tennis has his little Trail Tough sponsored Zuk on C2. He is following up a very nice run laid down by East Coast John in his Ftoy.

Derek West is following the last few rigs and back down into B4. He is taking a even more unique approach and backing through the first and second gates.

Jake just made a very nice save on C2 barely avoiding rolling the little Zuk.

Matt Deas is over on A1 backing his rig through the exit gates.


Nick Campbell just low scored B1 with an 11! Not only did he low scored it came out of the exit gates with a single second left.

Derek West finished up B4 to cheers from crowd with a nice score of 2! That has to be the low score of the day for that course too.

Wayne Kidder is up on C2 doing his best to keep up with Jake and East Coast John.

George Negron is walking through A3 making the course look fairly easy with a score of 15.

Paul Hornung just timed out on C3

Darren Casada is over on A4 doing his best to get some points back after his last two miserable runs.

UPDATE 12:45

Nick Campbell's low score on B1 sure didn't last long. Mike Cole just made B1 his um ya by scoring a 0.

I just got word that Jesse Haines and Dave Schneider were able to get the axle replaced in the old flatty and they are getting ready to hit B4.

Rusty Bray just put on a throttle show bashing his way to the finish on B4.

Kelly Young just rolled her rig over pretty hard on C1. She seemed to hit the brakes instead of gassing out of it.



After rolling over Derek West is getting a ride from the crane of shame off of B1

Jake Good is over on C1 try to see what his little Geo Tracker can do.

Jesse is really working his trail rig on B4. After a good 10 plus attempts at the wall, Jesse cleared it to roars from the crowd. With all his work at the wall he really had to move it to get it out the exit. He made it through with maybe 2 seconds on the clock.

East Coast John just put his nice looking Ftoy on its side over on C3.

Nick Campbell is opening up the LS motor over B2. Nothing like having a throttle happy driver and spotter!



Ken Blume and his son Brandon stopped by for a minute to discuss the day. Ken said he is having a OK day but would be doing much better if he hadn't rolled on B4. He isn't sure if he can catch the leader tomorrow, but since Hannibal is kind of his home turf he feels he has a pretty good chance tomorrow.

His son Brandon is looking forward to next weekend when he gets a chance to start defending his crown as RROCK Pro Mod champ. Brandon is watching his dad reminding him that he needs to keep the rig together for next weekend.

The Crane seems to be getting a little busy this afternoon. It just got done pulling out John Boring off A1 then had to run over to A2 to take care of Kyle Bruso on A2.

Carl Shortridge is doing all he can to finish up A1 with only 3 wheel drive.. Dustin is counting down his time as he races to the finish. He finishes the course with an 8

Danny Rohrer just finished up B4 with a 3. Very nice work.


Hobie Smiths loaner Ftoy is over on C3. I don't see the front tires moving, so I hope it's not broken. I wonder if he had to put a damage deposit down?

Mike Greenwalt is up on B4 and pulling in forward.

Jesse Haines looks to be pretty wedged over on B1. Scratch that he instead of being wedged he is now rolling down the hill!! I don't know what the Willys ever did to him, but he is beating that rig like a red headed stepchild.

Looks like something was broken on the loaner Ftoy because the Crane just came over to pull them off C3.


The day here at Hannibal is starting to wind down. All of the Stock Mods, Unlimited, Ftoy and some of the Pro Mods are finished up for the day.

Wow Mike Thompson just took a nasty roll on B4. They are working and trying everything they can to get the rig back over.



Final Scores for Stock Mod and Ftoy. While first place in Stock Mod is way out in front the rest of the group is really bunched up and it will be anyone's game tomorrow.

Stock Mod:

1. Kurt Shramovich 42 2. Kelly Young 103 3. Jake Good 112 4. Jon Terhune 120 5. Kyle Bruso 125 6. Jake Tennis 127


1. Wes Harper 89 2. John Scheidhaver 93 3. James Scheidhaver 97



Lou Levy just rolled on B4. That sure won't help him improve on his current seventh place.

Sitting in 10 place with 70 points Gavin Lewis is now up on B4 trying to catch some of those in front of them.


Gavin Lewis just made the last run of the day on B4.

I will have final scores for you as soon as I track them down.

Tomorrow is going to be a fight. Most of the classes are pretty close in points and it will be very interesting to see who will make the shoot out.


Here are the scores from today.